Think you can’t make a difference to stop body shaming? Here are 4 simple things you can do in your daily life to cut down on body shaming. 

Many small actions can lead to big changes!

I get asked a lot about how to become a better runner. So I thought I would share some really simple things that you should consider before your next run. They are all super beneficial so if you don’t know about these you should check them out now!

5 Ways to Be a Better Runner

You don’t have to be Tina from Bobs Burgers to know that having a nice toned butt is a beautiful thing. If it’s your goal to maximize your booty beauty then I’m about to share the 3 amazing butt shaping exercises that will get you there.


Nicole Joseph future college athlete kills it in her performance training at the Center of Restorative Exercise

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It can be hard replacing milk in your diet, especially if you are lactose intolerant. Luckily there are a few awesome non dairy milk options to choose from. Each has their own benefits and taste differences. This helpful guide will direct you to the milk alternative that will be best for you.

Detoxifying water is one of the best ways to help remove all of the toxins that we take into our bodies every day from the environment and our food. With just a few basic fruits you can make a spectacular healthy drink.

Can’t seem to lose any more weight? Are you working hard with very little to show for your efforts?

Could one of these common mistakes causing your weight loss plateau?

If your goal is to tone your legs and tush but going to the gym just isn’t convenient for you, don’t worry! Here are the 5 best exercises to shape and tone your legs in the privacy of your home without any expensive equipment or machines. You can even do this workout while watching your favorite show.

Here are the 5 exercises that will shape your lower body fast!

These six core movies will help you totally transform your midsection. Just do each of these exercise 2 times for 12 reps every 48 hours for a simple plan to a great stomach.

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Your life is busy, I get it, but it’s no reason to not work out. Here a few tips and tricks on how to incorporate fitness into your daily routine.

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